Brendan Toy
Digital Artist


Digital Artist


About Me

Hi, my names Brendan and I am a growing artist that is branching out into character and environment concept designs, I have a diverse range of styles and can adapt easily to the most challenging briefs. I can confidently work on projects alone, and I can be a great addition to a creative team.
please contact me for further information, thank you.

Other Achievements

With a group of friends at a workplace and our passion for video games we started a successful TV show called GameTank, that was aired on national TV in the UK. my role was creative editor, I edited all of the reviews and live action links that we all took part in. watch it here -


My goals are to continually improve my art work, and to work with a team of artists on the conceptual phase of a game, I love the creativity in games and working with a team would be good for me as I like learning skills and sharing tips with others.
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